Competition organizers reserve the right to make changes to the competition format if circumstances require!

Description of competitions among professional belly dancers 

In the case of big amount of participants in the Professionals category the competitions will be divided into two rounds: semifinal and final. During the semifinal participants perform their belly dance composition. Best dancers (seven ppl max) will have their performance (improvisation) in the final.

Timing during competitions:

Solo (any categories and age groups): up to 4:30 min
Formations and duets: up to 6 min
‌Jamila Queen crown: up to 5min‌


Performer’s music matching all the requirements mentioned above (p.2) have to be send to organizer’s email until 25th of December 2024. Track label should include the Surname and name of the participant, or dance group name, nomination, also it have to be mention if from which time your dance track will be started.
(For example: Astanina_solo_belly dance show_Adults2_0:00, or Raqs Jamila Ry_formation_pop song_Adults2_0:10)‌‌


-It is not allowed to use open fire, or inflamed liquid which can damage the stage due to safety reasons!
-It is not allowed to have performance with animals.

Festival participants are obliged to bring their own medical Insurance. Festival committee are not providing any type of medical insurance.

We highly recommend to bring your own medical insurance!


The Jamila Queen crown is the main prize in the professionals solo category, you will be able to teach and judge on competitions in 2026, aside you will be invited with your show.

Winners of each solo, duet and formation categories will be awarded by diplomas.